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Service you can count on!

At Ohio Business Systems / Capitol Copy we understand the importance of having well maintained and functioning equipment. We have assembled a team of service professionals who are dedicated, motivated and professionally trained to service your complete system.
Our staff is comprised of FACTORY TRAINED AND AUTHORIZED Service Professionals. These individuals have years on industry experience and attend product training on a regular timeline to keep them up to date on all our solutions.
Our service dispatch team is ready to take all incoming service requests with a personal touch. We prefer to handle your requests personally as opposed to using an automated attendant. Utilizing our internal dispatching system, they can review the entire service history of the system to help them dispatch the service request properly. This systems helps reduce downtime by as much as 65% allowing you to get back to work sooner.
Our Parts Specialist uses our computerized system to make sure we have the proper parts stocked in our warehouse locally eliminating wait time for parts being shipped from the manufacturer.
All of these processes are designed to allow your organization maximum up time for your system(s).




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