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From our beginning in 1962 as the regional headquarters of Tokyo-based Ricoh Company, Ltd., Ricoh USA, Inc. has always been on the forefront of workplace innovation.

Yesterday, that meant creating the first office fax machine, enabling people to work smarter, better and faster than ever before. Today, that means information mobility, which is the ability to capture, manage, access and use the information you need — wherever and whenever you need it — driving the results you want.

As for tomorrow, that vision is already taking shape in our heads and labs, too. And when the workplace begins its next major change, our imagination will help drive it.

Kyocera Corporation, the headquarters and parent company of the global Kyocera group, was founded in 1959 in Kyoto, Japan as a start-up venture by Dr. Kazuo Inamori and seven colleagues. Kyocera's founders shared a vision of creating a company dedicated to the successful manufacture and sale of innovative, high-quality products based on advanced materials and components. Over the past six decades, this vision has resulted in a highly successful and widely diversified global enterprise.

Savin’s products, solutions and services are helping to change the way we work. In 1995, we became part of the Ricoh USA, Inc. family, and we are proud to collaborate, create, innovate and grow with them.
While we are well known for our wide variety of multifunction printers (MFPs), we continue to create top-performing hardware and solutions, focusing on what we call information mobility — the ability to capture, manage, access, use and share information when and where you need it. With information mobility, we’re helping make the exchange of information easier for today’s modern employee.
Team with us and see how our products, services, solutions and expertise can help make you and your team work smarter, better and faster than ever before.

As a trendsetting software development firm, Square 9 has become a creative force in the next generation of both on premise and cloud-enabled Content Management solutions. This has allowed organizations of all sizes to fully embrace the reality of a paperless office with a library of innovative tools for Document Management from Square 9.

Start by tracking costs by user, department, client or custom shared accounts.
Get further control by allocating print quotas to users, departments or clients. They can track their print balances, and once the quota is gone, it's gone!
Implement a pay-per-use model to recoup printing costs. For individual user payments integrate with popular payment gateways. Or make client billing seamless by allocating costs to a client, project or department.

Panasonic is one of the largest product manufacturers in the world, comprised of 473 companies and employing over 260,000 people. We also own one of the world’s largest patent portfolios. And while some may still think of us merely as a consumer electronics company, we are a global provider of comprehensive solutions for businesses as well as consumers — solutions for your home, your work and when you travel. Panasonic Corporation of North America is the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic.



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